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Hi everyone.  I've read through a bunch of threads, but am not finding too many options. I recently lost my Etymotic HF-3 and am looking for a replacement with the following characteristics:


  • IEM w/ armature driver (or something with a balanced, not bass-heavy sound)
  • Has a microphone with use for a phone(in my case iPhone5), but the mic should be high up on the cord (on left or right side, rather than at the Y intersection) for better sound quality and so that I don't have to clip it or hold it when walking and talking 
  • Straight-down style, rather than over the ear.  I often have to take a call quickly and don't have time to insert over the ear style buds
  • < $200 in price (willing to go slightly above if needed)


The Etymotics fulfilled all these criteria, but the durability of the cord was a bit lacking.  Trying to see if anything else is out there.  I've looked at:


  • Etymotic
  • Audeo (some still available)
  • Torque
  • RBH
  • Rockit 
  • MEElectronics
  • Atomic Floyd
  • Audiofly
  • T-Peos
  • Thinksound
  • Klipsch
  • Q-jays
  • Vsonic
  • Shure


The only option I have found besides the Etymotic HF-3 that fulfill all the criteria is the Atomic Floyd mini-dart.  Any other options out there?  Many thanks