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I've finally decided to pop my 'DIY headphone mod' cherry and had a quick question for my first venture into custom pads with my Denon D2000:


Lawton Angle Pads or Mr Speaker's Mad Dog Alpha pads ?


After reading as much as I could around I've narrowed it down to those two (Jmoney knocked out because of potential problems) and can't firmly make a decision yet, especially since I don't understand most of the charts that usually come with the information.


Any advice on what to look for, what to avoid, cause and effects of sizes/shapes/materials, build quality and/or reputations... well, literally any advice on headphone pads will be greatly appreciated, I would like to start modding on a 'good foot'.


If it helps:  I'm a basshead, love the sound signature of the Denon x000 series (have all three), love the comfort of the stock pads but wanted to change them since one of my pads on the D2000 is scratched.  Worst case scenario, I get new stock pads.


Cheers in advance.