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Best Budget IEMs?

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I'm in the market for some new IEMs


I was recently using the monoprice 8320s and they were great while they lasted. I had 2 pairs. One of them lost sound in one of the sides and the other one the casing broke apart. 


So im looking for some good quality bang for your buck type of IEMs. My budget is around 20. 

And if i do get a set of good $20-30 dollar  IEMs will they be good enough for me to turn my entire library into flac? On my monoprice I didn't hear the difference between 80 kbps and 320 kbps let alone flac. Maybe I just have bad ears? 


Side note: Are comply ear tips worth it? I bought a knockoff set of foam tips which was I think about $6 for 4-5 pairs of tips and all pairs wore down and ripped off over the 6-8 months I used them. Should i just buy another knockoff or go for comply this time? 


P.S. I only listen to hip-hop/rap so i guess i would need something bass/treble heavy? 

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$20 is not enough to bother converting to FLAC. Based on early reviews the Brainwavz Delta look to be the best $20 and below IEM, although there are probably some other decent choices in the price range. The Soundmagic E10 are quite good, but they cost about $35. Generally cheap pairs that cost $20-30 won't last longer than 6 months, but there are exceptions of course.

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even most audiophiles with great equipment can't hear the difference between 320kbps and Flac. 320 files go up to 20khz, the upper range of human hearing and the compression usually isn't audible.

If you want something bass heavy the philips she3580 were pretty good here. It's like having little subwoofers in your ears but suprisingly not much detail is lost.

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+1 for the Soundmagics - either E10 or E30.


You also can't go wrong with the lower end Sony IEMs. Surprisingly good sound for a low price point. 

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soundmagic ie10, mdr-ex300, cx300-ii,  meelectronics m9............

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