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That unit from germany on ebay is not sold.  He is relisting the same serial #211 the third time and sold #211 twice. Creating his own "sold" history hoping to fetch more?...i am just speculating





Aug 18



Aug 1


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Yeah, that's a bit odd.

I'm not going to use ebay to sell it, and there's a good reason why right there. Shady activities.

Wish I could keep it though, beautiful looking and wonderful sound.
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If you decide to have it serviced first, then you'll want to recoup that cost, necessitating a higher price.  

You may well get it.  However since the unit is in working condition, I recommend to sell it as is, since this gives you more flexibility on pricing/negotiating.  I think that's the way I'd do it.  Also gives the buyer an opportunity to elect self service, if they so desire.  


In either case I would get an estimate for a full restoration from Sennheiser USA.  Also find out if that requires shipping the unit back to Germany.... just to get extra information to provide as part of the discussion with potential buyers.


Another thought -- if you live in or near a big city -- you can socialize the upcoming sale with some of the top drawer dealers.  They have access to well heeled buyers and they might make you a cash offer.  Sure,

there's a middle man cost involved, but you don't have to do the deal if it is not to your liking.  That's a case where the $30k ebay listing for a unit in Germany, might give the basis for the dealer to give you $20k while selling forward for $30k.  Just brainstorming, of course.  Hope that's helpful.

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Very helpful, thank you.  I appreciate all the replies in this thread.  This is such an expensive unit, I want to make sure I handle it the right way.  I'm going to contact Sennheiser USA to find out the cost of refurbishment, then list it as an option in the sale ad.  I wish I was closer to NYC, I'd speak to the dealers there, as you suggested.

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I would absolutely not sell it until you are confident of buyer being totally legitimate.  I don't think the price of the Orpheus will fluctuate over time or loose value.   Take your time, better safe than sorry IMO. 

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