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So, who brought up the GR06 and if they are good or bad? Certainly not too far apart in most aspects to compare to the VSD1. Comparing just gives an idea from something new to something known. No correct or incorrect. Out of place might be my Sleek SA7ltd to the VSD1 cause that is not a fair fight.

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Sales will show who is right.

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There is no right or wrong. People like what they like. Vsonic is a bigger than Brainwavz. Who do think is gonna make and sell more? What does that prove? Is a Sony phone better because it sells more of a model than Vsonic?


 You like Vsonic but that doesn't mean other brands can't put out better models. The VSD1 is a low model anyway so why can't it be beat? Here...http://www.head-fi.org/t/586909/the-discovery-thread-new-brainwavz-delta-r3-dual-hybrid-greatness-pg948-onkyo-phones-pg-904-kef-m200-pg835-philips-fidelio-s2-pg-724/14265

Someone said the cheaper $20 Delta is as good sounding as the VSD1 and built better. Why don't you argue with him as well. If you don't agree that is fine. At least we have them and are comparing. You haven't even heard either of these yet you have an opinion and proclaim to be right. The nice thing to do is respect others experiences. You can't have much to say about the sound of something you haven't heard.


You should hope it gets beat as that is how we progress and get better earphones. Would you rather go a year without something better coming along or two months later something new comes out that raises the bar?

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I'm not a fan vsonic, I'm for an objective review. The authority of the man is too small. I believe the comparisons of actual buyers and a large branch in this forum, it will show the success of this model.

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@stimer I have a feeling your trying to state you don't like relying on only one persons review and want more opinions vs anything specific against Jant71. If my assumption is correct your buying process is valid and is a prudent way of evaluating a purchase. For others they look for early adopters or people who have recieved evaluation units like Jant and myself or others for early impressions and reviews.

if you simply don't trust reviews from people who receive a product for free I won't bother to argue with you about whether they are being honest or not, that to is your right to choose. I know in my case I buy way more products than I get for free and I am honest about them all. If I have a fault, it's my early impressions sometimes and that I tend to favor products with a signature I like vs being able to be purely objective.

I do think though that while we are each allowed to think what we want. It does behoove us to avoid casting our beliefs about established members of this forum without at least having something more than just our belief to back up our comments.
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I believe the official review of joker and big topic in forum. I'm sorry if anyone offended.

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Stimer: We don't do personal attacks here like that. If you don't want to believe a review, you don't have to. Attacking the reviewer though because they aren't someone with a "big name" is inappropriate. Please don't do so again. 

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Originally Posted by stimer View Post

Sales will show who is right.



The winner is Beats!!!



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Originally Posted by GearMe View Post



The winner is Beats!!!


" src="http://files.head-fi.org/images/smilies/basshead.gif">


Lol same thought immediately came to my mind when I saw it!
I read somewhere that they account for 70% of total sales of headphones in US? (cant remember exact figure so take this with a bucket of salt)
But "best-selling" = "best headphones"..... big fat LOL
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I Hate Flat cable....They are worst cable ever.....

every time I walk with flat cable iem, I can't even listen music because they make so much cable noise...

seems like sound is overall good but....the cable.....

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When worn over ear the cable noise is not bad, if you wear them down though the cable noise is nit good. But they are meant to be worn over ear. Actually they lay flat against the ear over ear due to their flatness and weight helping in comfort and added contact to help reduce the noise.
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Yep, The weight of the cable can help keep it from jumping around keeping it quieter and you are right on the mark. If the weight lays the cable flat against your face it absorbs the noise before it reaches your ears. I find them very good with the slider up even straight down. Though straight down it will vary if you use longer tips and get a deeper fit with more seal, you'll increase the cord noise some. I find this flat cable one of the better I've come across but I've only had 5 or 6.

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I have posted my review of the S1 up in the IEM section Head Gear. Due to my preference for a more balanced signature my review is a bit more tempered than Jant71 but I do think the S1 is a solid entry in the Bass oriented market as it doesn't sacrifice the midrange like so many of the other IEM's have done. I am very impressed with bth of the latest offerings from Brainwavz as they offer excellent value in my opinion.
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How do these compare with the Soundmagic E30/E10?

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Nice review and fantastic pics. Your VSD1 comparisons were also very useful. Good job jant71.

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