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For Sale:
Little Dot VI+ Less than 5 months old, Excellent Condition

Will Ship To: Cont. U.S.

For your consideration is a very sparingly used little dot VI+ which was purchased in the beginning of May, 2013. The amp has not seen much use, since I've moved to a new place and do not have the room, or the time to set up all my audio equipment properly. Personally, I'd love to keep this, but finances and space availability do not permit me to do so. This powerhouse can run anything from the Beyer dt1350s to the Hifiman HE-6. Physically, the amp is in mint condition; but the volume potentiometer has some faint scratching (it was this way when it was delivered, and I never bothered with replacement as it is hardly noticeable). I tend to take good care of my equipment and this unit is no exception. I have a new quad of the RCA 6080 power tubes (one of the original power tubes which I received was not working, so I was sent a new set), which I'll throw in, along with the driver tubes which have less than 60 hours on them, including controlled burn in.



For any other information, feel free to contact me.


EDIT: Price Drop

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