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Hi, I'm looking for potentially making an upgrade. 


What I have: Meelectronic M31, M9, HT-21. and Brainwavz Pro Alpha.


What I dislike: I found both meelectronic IEM to have too much bass. And the vocal seems to be off in the distance, and I can't hear it clearly. And the highs are very piercing and not pleasant to listen. I like to listen to a variety of classic rock. Not too much in to techno, rap, hip-hop... Don't care too much for any booming bass, I think I prefer it to be punchy. My focus is clarity and I like an open sound stage.


I find the pro-alpha to be less booming in terms of the bass, but there is something about that that makes the sound feel closed... is it placebo? I think it sound nice in general, but I want a more open sound stage... maybe... 


I know that IEM is limited in what it can produce compare to Over-the-ears, but I wear glasses and have found over-the-ear to be uncomfortable as it presses on my glasses. So I'm on the fence on getting OE but I feel like I may not get the sound I want, or a significant upgrade over the pro-alpha without dropping a LOT of cash on a high end IEM. 


I don't plan on carrying these around, so it will stay near my bed or my computer. I have had CALs and they were very good and comfortable, I really liked the sound on that as well. So far, those are probably my #1 choice just because I had previously owned them. 


Any other suggestions for OEM around $100~150? and what the same price range get me IEMs that fits what I need and will be a significant improvement over what I already have? 

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