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For Sale: AD900X

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Got an AD2Kx so now I'm moving my AD900x's... awesome cans for cheap. $140 plus shipping takes it!


Also will consider trades for Q/K7xx, HD600/650, K240 Sextett, T50RP and others (obviously +/- cash)


For sale again, deal fell through!

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Is the ATH-AD2000X really that much better then the ATH-AD900X?

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Yes BUT the 2kx is no where near the cost of the ad900x... not a fair comparison. The 900x has its own merits though, a larger sound stage, not amp picky (the 2k can be) and on slower music with some strings and female vocals it can sound better then the 2kx (my opinion) I'd more or less compare the 900x with the q/k7xx headphones... the AKG's may have better imaging BUT the AT's have a much more natural and musical sound.

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