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For Sale: 60gb Gen4 iMod

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
60gb Gen4 iMod

Will Ship To: Australia

Hi there,

I have a gen 4 imod up for grabs.
This thing sounds fantastic, particularly in the mids.

I purchased it not long ago as per the below link.
However I do not need it as I have another dap and a tablet that I use for media, so I am selling up to buy a better portable amp.

I also have a fiio e12 - $100
AudioGD 15.32 with txco upgrade in new condition - $300
Alessandro ms1 with cocobolo cups $100.

All items have their respective threads however as I am on a phone I can't link them all.

All prices are + postage + fees however I am open to offers.

Thanks for reading

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This item is no longer for sale as it was drowned by a Vline Bus.

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