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Speaker cables and Interconnect help.

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Hello system is Audience aR2P-TO power conditioner -> Oppo 93 transport-> Monarchy DIP upsampler -> Eximus DP-1 DAC-> Job 225 AMP-> Vapor Cirrus speakers.


Looking to spend about $1,200 for a pair of speaker cables + interconnects.


I am reletively new to speaker wires and interconnects and have looked at the Audiquest and Analysis Plus but was wondering if there are any "giant killers" that are  out there right now for the price. :D



Thanks in advance!

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That seems to be $1000 or more too much!

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trying to find the right cables can be tricky, time consuming, and expensive. it's a bit like rolling dice - you can easily waste $1,200.


I personally hit the jackpot with the new Crysta Cable Diamond Piccolo cables. I don't know if they're the best cables around, but I think compared to other similar priced cables, they're a bargain.


it's a well worth investment. I find them to be such an essential part in the chain. luckily, my cables quest it's over.


start with speaker cables, then move to ICs, and then get jumperes too (or get all at once).


email Audiorevelation.com for a quote, and best prices. they might have also some pre-owned/ex-demo cables if it interests you.

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I tend to fall on the budget side of things. While I completely agree the analog interconnects and speaker cables have different characteristic that effect sound, it gets to a point of diminished returns. That being said, I typically end up going for the best value.  For me, that was Kimber Kables.

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I myself is trying to stay 100% copper due to the talks of others saying that silver is "colored" and adds its own signature. Also it is reported as a bit bright. These negative comments were said back 6 years ago and I have no idea how much the silver cables technology advanced since then but just to be on the safe side, I might go with the Kimber cables as well...

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The Kimbers reduce "skin effect". It was the first speaker car I used where I could here the difference. You can pick it up really cheap if you don't been ends installed.
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Try the Nordost cables.
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I have found Morrow cables to be very good for the money. Also, SoundSilver cables are bang for the buck a real bargain.  Both of these have a 30-60 day money back trial period.  Also, the Aural Thrills "active" cable with the silver teflon connectors is very very good for the dollars.  Hope this helps.

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Aural Thrills Apex speakers Speaker Cable and Teflon RCA. Might try them out, have you heard anything about the Apex Speaker cables?

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I  have only tried the Aural Thrills active interconnect with teflon connectors.  VERY VERY good.  I have Morrow SM6 speaker cables.  I started with the SP2's, then moved to the 4's, and finally the 6's.  The 2's were quite good, but the improvement was noticeable at each level.  I also have a set of Cullen Speaker cables.  Bang of the buck, they are really quite nice.  Morrow and Cullen are very nice people to deal with.  You really can't go wrong with either one.

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