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To make a long story short, my M50's were worn to a point that needed repair on one side. I got some parts from Audio Technica (mega props to them for mailing them at no cost), and made the repairs. Everything was good for a short while, but the wires in the left cup detached from their solder points--I know this is a result of my novice [and admittedly shoddy] soldering skills, plus the fact that I was dealing with tools that were in no way meant to be used on small electronics.


So while I wait for some new soldering equipment, I'm curious if anyone has any mods beyond the common "removable cable" I've seen. I've searched and found surprisingly few documented results. I have thought about re-cabling, but I'm unsure what difference it would make, if I'm not using an amp. Could anyone offer suggestions, or share some advice?