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For Sale: Schiit Lyr

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For Sale:
Schiit Lyr

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hi everyone, 


I have my Schiit stack up for sale. I've decided to sell off my audio gear in hopes of putting more money into photography. I'm the original owner of both schiit products. 


My Lyr comes with the default GE tubes attached (I also have some amperex orange globes that are a bit microphonic), tube raisers and tube dampeners as well. 


Bifrost is $sold$




If you guys have any questions please feel free to PM me. 


Thanks for looking! 

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I'm interested in the LYR for the Rio de Janeiro ... To VERIFIED PAYPAL ADDRESS and EBAY (USA) 100% excellent profile, if you want to sell it. If not, do not answer, thank you.

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Sent you a pm. Interested in the Bifrost alone.

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(Street) RUA CORRÊA DUTRA 47/203 FLAMENGO (neighborhood) 
(Zip) 22210-050 RIO DE JANEIRO (city) R.J. (state) BRAZIL. 


hello, hello, hello ... have someone there ... looks like you have a party on your Bifrost ... Here have one interested in your LYR ... with all respect and for the best of reasons ... perhaps the time has come to manifest ... 




=> if you want (I'd like for both) selling on EBAY (USA), with 100% positive PROFILE come with the word EXCELLENT 90% of the sellers, because I'm EXCLUSIVE BUYER (for our commercial security of both), 




 => (condition for buying: I want a lower declared value on the post, we can see that in PM). Please, no overhead price ... as some sellers ... In Brazil, it is called robbery without a weapon. 

=> if you want to contact directly: PAULETTECOIFFURE@IG.COM.BR 
1) Do you have a receipt of purchase (invoice)? You can send this invoice with the product for the purpose of proving the age of the amp? 
2) what is the exact age of the amplifier? 
3) the amplifier works perfectly 100% without any problem? 
4) The amplifier has some background noise when it works? 
5) What are the valves that come together? 
6) what is the - EXACT VOLTAGE - Operating the amplifier? 


your PM, please? 

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PM sent.

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