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Just ordered......

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a pair of Sony MDR-1R, I hope I made a good choice! My current headphones are the Beats by Dre Solo HD, the after they left Monster headphones. I got a great deal from Sony.com used the college discount took the price from 299.99 down to 269.99 and opened a Sony Capital One card, and if you make a Sony purchase in the first 90 days of opening the card they credit you 100.00 so it took the price down to 169.99 plus no interest till July 2014. Which by then they will be paid off and card closed.


I did a lot of research between these and the V-Moda M-100's, I kinda made my decision based from Tylle (Inner Fidelity) his 2 you tube videos and the price I got them for I couldn't see paying the extra for the V-Moda's even though I hear they are good, hopefully I will not be disappointed when they get here next Tuesday.


Thanks for all the info I read on this forum also, I'm a new member and really just got into headphones about a year ago, I'm in a wheelchair and listen to a lot of music everyday. The Beats Solo HD's are ok but I think one of my kids will enjoy them more;)

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Nice work on the discounts.


I hope you like the cans.


Try to update us with how you like 'em once you feel like you fully understand how they sound.


Yay to new gear!

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I'm jealous you got those for so cheap, I hope you love em!

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They're definitely going to blow your beats out of the water. I highly prefer the MDR-1R over the Vmoda selection as well. You got a great deal.

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3 hours into braking these bad boys in, they already sound great, you can hear everything on them and they have just the right amount of bass, not to much like my Beats Solo HD's. Now 2 things to do, first sell the Beats, they are only 2 months old, 2nd find a portable amp to go along with my iphone 5 so I can get the most out of these sony mdr-1r's.

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(9 days later...)


I would highly recommend the FiiO E17 or E11 for a portable amplifier. The E11 will suffice for everything you need, but I got the E17 for a portable amplifier myself because of all of the bells and whistles. There are other options out there, probably cheaper ones too, but I'm happy with my purchase with FiiO even if just for the build quality.

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