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great forward sounding, energetic headphones for iPhone?

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I have a Beyer DT770 32ohm limited edition pair and now looking for a more energetic, forward sounding set to enjoy those moods and genres. My usage will be with my iPhone 5, but if an amp will significantly help, may consider (perhaps the FiiO E12?) It is the carrying of multiple gadgets and wires I want to avoid and thus the reluctance for amp. Almost all of my usage is out of home.


Am a little confused between the Ultrasone Pro 900 and Yamaha 500 Pro. I have tried both and on sound terms found the Ultrasones to be much better but am apprehensive if they can be driven well by my phone. During my audition I had to consistently keep my (phone player's) volume to around 90%. Yamaha 500 are very well driven but I found their sound piercing the ear at times, tiring and (perhaps) missed those nuances I got to hear so clearly from the Ultrasones. They are however much more portable and iPhone friendly.


Have also tried Beyer Custom Pro, Sony MDR 1R, Sennheiser Momentum but none sounded (to me) as good as the Ultrasones. Lately I have read some good reviews of Philips Fidelio L1 so I might try them as well. 


Am a novice and thus this request for advice from you all here. Opinions/Comparisons of pairs mentioned will be highly appreciated (preferably in context of iPhone use without amp). If there is any other pair that you'd want to recommend, I'd be glad to explore.


Many Thanks!

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Try the ES10's.

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You didn't specify whether you were looking for an open or closed pair; but if you don't mind your second pair being open, definitely go for Grado's (the model would depend on your budget). I really like the SR225i's for around $200, but the SR80i's are good for $100.


These are forward & energetic, and would give you a very different sound than you are getting with the Beyers. As well, you'd have the Beyers when isolation is needed, and the Grados for home use or in environments when open cans wouldn't bother people around you. Some people (ok, many people) say Grado bowl pads (the ones that come with the SR225i's) are uncomfortable because they put pressure on the outer ear. I felt this too, and couldn't wear them for much longer than half an hour without feeling a burning pain on my ears. BUT, after I stretched mine out (place them over a shoe box or stack of books for two nights), they no longer hurt. Because these are open, on-ear headphones, a seal is not important, so a loose fitting headband is a-ok. They also work real well with an iphone (or ipod, or computer), so no amp needed.

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Try the Ultrasone PRO 750. More balanced than the PRO900, but very energetic sounding. Will run from an iphone.

Also look into the Denon D600 and AKG K267.


Very best,

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Hi!! Many thanks for your advice!!


Unfortunately Audio Technicas and Grados are not available at the moment here in Dubai (to my knowledge) and without hearing I don't think it would be wise to buy online. Grados, I hear from their ME distributor, will be available here from Nov hopefully - info anyone located here may find very useful :)


Sorry, I should have specified in my query - am looking for a closed back pair since all of my use will be out of home. I really fancy getting an open pair later and will want to consider Senn HD ~600s, AKG K702 and Grados then. Thanks Bee inthe Attic! a full size Grado you'd advise in the budget of $300? On-ears don't feel comfortable to me - I started with Klipsch Image One II and realize on-ears are not what I would want anymore.


Actually I tried both Ultrasone Pro 750 and 900, while indeed 750s sound louder from my iPhone, am not sure if they were more clear. Am aware MalVeauX, of your and others' opinions regarding the two...somehow the songs I tried, 900s sounded more clear. Besides am getting the 900s for about $300 and just about $50 more than the 750s, so am tempted. But am sure I do not want an overtly bass pair and waste my money, so will compare again - I owe you and all others to have compared the two so comprehensively for starters like me.


Denon 600 I've tried and think I like (both) Ultrasones more. I think I like their signature - full of energy while maintaining clarity!! AKG K267 appear interesting from their details I read on the net, alas they are not listed on the local harmanhouse site - only K518, 619 - happy listening Dubai!! I was looking for their K501, 550 sometime back and no luck again.


Any other pair you would advise - that's a Wow!! over Ultrasones? Any thoughts on Yamaha Pro 500?


Best Regards!!

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I have been reading reviews about k267 recently because I was REALLY interested in it, but a lot of customers said that the k267 are very fragile, so I reviewed a little more and bought the v-moda M-100. Soundwise the m100 isn't a lot different od K267 but the m-100 are All-Metal, they are like a tank, and delivers to the whole world I guess.

Check the M-100 thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/592389/v-moda-m-100-discussion-feedback-reviews-pics-etc/16590#post_9800785



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Have not gone thru the thread yet, but details on their site sound very promising. Foldable, sturdy, with case, in-line remote, iPhone friendly. Have found their dealer as well here, shall look to try them out 'morrow.


Were not in my consideration set - many thanks for your advice!!



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You are welcome man!


Anything you want to ask me about this set of headphones,  just PM me, I will be happy to help you..


Just a few tips on them: 1-Doesn't need an amp

                                  2- I few they are high enough on my iPod 5th generation, at 40-50%. They are LOUD.

Obs: which genres do you listen? For your list of headphones that you have tried, it seems it is something like EDM or Rock, right?

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My search finally got over and I have gone with Ultrasone Pro 900. Tried and read about quite a few on the way - V-Moda M100, Yamaha Pro500, Beyer Custom One Pro, Sennheiser Momentum, Sony MDR 1R, Denon Urban Ravers, D1100.


None of these somehow gave me the energy I was looking for EDM/Rock and to well compliment my Beyers DT770 32ohm limited edition.


The Ultrasones rock!! What's great they sound very well from my iPhone 5 without the need of an amp and without upping my volume beyond 70%.


Many thanks to all those who advised and many more who have shared so much of knowledge @ Head-Fi!!


This concludes this thread as well I guess.


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