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First pair of headphones, aviators

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So I bought these 3 days ago. Was at best buy, trying out their mostly "lifestyle" headphones. I tried on the aviators, I put on ok computer and said, this is it? Eh its decent and theyre on sale, I dont think ill get them.

That was when I played 15 step, dem drum beats, the seperation, it sounded great. I had to take them. I feel the drums, like theyre in my face, its great. Death Grips sounds like a sudden shot off complex fast drum beats and it had me enough to blow 100$

Thats my problem, they dont sound worth 100, 65 atleast. I was expecting more. I wanna submerge myself completely, just be gone for a few seconds, listen to good radiohead, rock, etc. I wanna have the atmosphere just feel amazing.
Id keep these, theyre great theyre really good looking too. But I seriously want more. What do I need? An amp? Theyre being run off my cellphone. Just ditch em and buy 200$ tier?

I hope someone feels me and has gone through this.
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In that price range I've heard that the Koss Porta Pro and the Sennheiser PX-200 are worth the money. Then again, there are quite a few iems in the $70-100 range that are a tad colored but sound very good. Frankly, if you go past $100 you might as well look to spend another $150 to get into some much nicer headsets. Just IMO on that.


EDIT: Btw, I feel you. I've bought quite a few sub-$100 iems. Over the ears is something I don't buy that often, but I'm saving up for a really good pair. I'm not sure about what I'll get yet.

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Are you reccomending I buy 250 tier or 150 tier.

Im liking these cans alot but they dont have that full spectrum. Very lush imo, definitely gonna retuen them if another 100 upgrade is worth it
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I'm thinking $250-300. That gets you in the range of something like the HD600's which are liked by many a head-fier. :beyersmile:

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HD600s are open headphones that definitely have to have a good amp to drive them. And not good for portable on the go use because of zero isolation. There are better choices for pairing with a cell phone for portable use. Look for headphones 32 ohm impedance that are sealed.

Good place to start is the Innerfidelity Wall of Fame lists:
Most have links that lead to full reviews.

If you'd like some headphones with bass impact, look into the V-Moda M100s. For less money, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 ohm (but do need an amp).
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I was thinking about hd 598 and even audiophile tier but the isolation is gonna make me sad I wont be able to use them at all, I have a roommate.

I want something like q701 that has good soundstage and presentation.
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Not going to get the soundstage of a good open headphone with a closed headphones. It's just the tradeoff.

For a good all around closed headphone, also look into the Soundmagic HP100. Discussion here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/616201/soundmagic-hp100-review

Here are a couple of other reviews:
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The OP had mentioned amping, so that's why I suggested the HD600's. It really depends on what you want. If you're looking more for isolation you can go closed ear, but to me if you're going to go over the ear why not get open phones for the best presentation?


If you're looking for isolation get some IEMs. It seems like in your price range you could get some decent isolating buds that wouldn't keep anyone up at night. Depending on your work environment they can be great for that too. They don't stand out like cans. ;)

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I wanna buy the mdr 1r.

Are those impressive?
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Did you read the Innerfidelity review of the Sonys?
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