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For Sale: Buy my IEM's - My fish demands it!

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For Sale:
Buy my IEM's - My fish demands it!

Will Ship To: Continental US/Canada

They're all in great working order, with 100+ hours of good burn-in plus my use which varies from IEM to IEM. All accessories will be included, unless specified otherwise and their original packaging. None of these ever really left my room, non-smoker for what it's worth. Farthest some of them have gone is to my ladyfriend's, about 5 mins away. 

TDK IE800 - Bought from Dweaver. I love these to death. I've forgotten the jargon I've never really been good with but: These have a full sound with tight, punchy bass, smooth highs (perhaps too smooth for some but it hits the spot for me, realistic but not piercing) and the sweet mids of which I can't get enough. Comes with Meelec clam shell case. -$65


MEELEC A161p - These I didn't like at all. I just found the soundstage to be too small but YMMV. I've read many good reviews on it which is why I bought it but its FR is just not my cup of tea. -$55

EDIT: No trades. Prices also include shipping. 


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LOL great ad the fish!


Steve from NYC

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Thanks a lot! He's one of the few reasons I haven't been here as often. He got me into another hobby!

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