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Are headphones genre specific?

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Are there headphones that are good at certain genres or are there only good (neutral) and bad (colored) headphones?

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There are many views on this... Some (myself included) strive for neutrality in audio gear, while others like for a headphone to be colored in a certain way that is pleasing to them. The basic fact of the matter is that a neutral headphone will be more versatile as it can work decently with any genre and can usually be EQed without many issues. On the other hand, certain colored headphones are known to sound extremely good with certain genres and for fans of those genres, they might very well be the best possible option.

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They can be, yes, and vice versa- some headphones are just dreadful for certain genres (try the W5000 with dubstep, it was worse than a $20 earphone from cvs).

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I do think that there are headphones that shine with certain genres, but that doesn't necessarily make them bad for other genres. With me, I wouldn't want a headphone just for a specific genre. For example, if I could only enjoy one type of music with a particular headphone, I wouldn't want to own it. When picking a headphone, I make sure that I can enjoy it with all my music. Personally, I feel like if I like a specific headphone's sound signature, I'll like it with whatever music I'm playing though it. In fact, I sort of believe that's the magic of an individual headphone, that it adds it's own unique take to the music. So, when I listen to one headphone versus another, it's like I'm getting a fresh and/or different take on my music.


That's entirely my opinion, though. I'm sure there are many people who have multiple headphones for differing types of music. That's one thing that makes this hobby even more great to me, that there is really no right or wrong answer, it's all in what you enjoy.

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Are there headphones that are good at certain genres or are there only good (neutral) and bad (colored) headphones?

Yes yes and yes. There are no perfectly neutral headphone and some genre need to add a little bit more spice to highlight certain things, ie. The bass (the most common one), thicken the mids, for vocal centric songs, and maybe treble decay, for guitar.
Just like when you eat food in restaurant. The food itself is good, but it would be better and more interesting if you add pepper, chilli powder, ketchup, sometimes.
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