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Hey guys =X fairly new to the forum (not really.. i creep around without posting a lot ahahah) but im lookin to get a nice set of speakers for my computer. Currently im using Altec Lansing GT5051's that give a simulated 5.1. Don't care much about that anymore except i forget about it, and when im playing something, it bounces sound and scares me when sound comes from behind me LOL 




I've been lookin to upgrade the speakers. Been drooling over M-Audio AV40's for a long while ever since i was told about those vs the Klipsch Promedia 2.1's. XD Since i've been kind of behind on this stuff, i looked around again. Some people swear on the AV40s, some people say dont get those and get the next step up BX5a's.


I've been using a usb thing for my headphones (samson sr850's) that supposedly does better job than from on-board sound card. i forgot the name of it (excuse me for that lol). But it has 2 outputs. each with a 6.5mm plug.  


Originally, i was suggested to get Behringer UCA202 to connect the AV40's to the computer. But since i have that other thing, i think i can manage? unless i should get the behringer DAC 


I was lookin around this forum and theres been suggestions to do that budget setup with the Dayton Audio and Lepai Amp. Would this setup go well against something like the AV-40s or BX5a's ? Is it possible to hook up a subwoofer too? 


Want something that gives a nice sound while giving a decent amt of bass (subwoofer will be acquired eventually but hopefully the speakers will give some in the mean time??). Gaming/Music/Movies use. More all around vs anything specific


Preferably to purchase through amazon since i have a $50 gc that can help levy the costs a little.. but any other place can be ok too. i can spend the $50 on something else 


Budget... 100 - 150 ? 

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