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First Time Buying

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Hello, all,


I've done a couple days of wandering around this site looking for information and help on what to buy.

I'm looking for a pair of headphones that are under $250, and will last awhile.


The main things I'm looking for are high quality sound, as little noise leaking out as possible and good for my iPhone and MacBook. That's mainly where I listen to things. Although, it wouldn't hurt if they could be used in radio studios and stuff like that, as I've occasionally done some radio and it may pop up again in the future, but it would be very rare.


I'm in college, so something that I can use in the library, walking around campus and whatnot. One of my pet peeves though, are the kids whose music I can hear while walking by them or in the library at another table and so on and so forth. I'd really like to not be "that guy". 


I picked up pretty quick on these forums to avoid Bose, Beats and Skullcandy and such. Which is fine by me, but it left me clueless as to what else is out there. I'm 100% out of the know on headphones. Just from a couple days on here however I've seen people really like the Momentums. Are the on-ear Momentums gonna be close to the same thing as the regular ones? They're more in my budget.


Music I listen to is generally pop like Jars of Clay, alternative/pop/rock/electronic stuff, light rock like Maroon 5's first couple albums, rock n roll like Oasis, RnB like The Weeknd


Thank you

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Oh yeah, I forgot I listen to rap, too. OutKast, TI etc... Bass isn't really a main concern for me, though

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The V-moda M100 is good, but may be a tiny bit out of your price range.
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^^ That is a good choice as well.
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thank you for the quick responses, y'all. I'm leaning towards the beyerdynamic. amazon reviews seem to indicate the only problem being comfort of the fit which doesn't bother me at all. and one guy said they're driven for classical music and that rock n roll sounds very disappointing. I don't listen to a lot of classical music so I'm asking if that's true.
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