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To me the L2 has a tad more bass than neutral. I don't need more than that, so it is fine for me.


There hasn't been any detailed comparison with the X2 but the consensus is that the X2 is bassier. So perhaps it would be better for you. I didn't find the HD598 to significantly lack bass when I listened to them briefly.

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ljokerl comment from CES 15:


Speaking of the Fidelio L2, it sounded excellent – very clear with nice deep bass and crisp treble. Not the flattest headphone, but a very lively and energetic sound that seemed to hit the right balance between “audiophile-acceptable” and “consumer-friendly”. Definitely worth checking out for those after this type of can.




The on-ear Fidelio M1 didn’t do quite as good a job at keeping the bass out of the way and didn’t appear as crisp and articulate overall, but considering both the closed-back form factor and the fact that it can be had for as low as $80 (amazon.com), it sounded quite good.


Coming from the far less expensive (but admittedly open-back) Fidelio L2, the A5 Pro didn’t seem all that clear or resolving.




The Fidelio F1 is a new model (slated for a spring 2015 release) a small, closed-back on-ear portable with a low-profile form factor more akin to an Audio-Technica ATH-ES700 . The cups of the F1 are metal, with a smooth matte finish, and the whole thing feels extremely solid (perhaps even a touch hefty) in the hand, yet is quite comfortable to wear. The sound of the F1 had a good amount of bass impact (not unlike the M1) and produced a smooth, pleasant sound. It reminded me of the Klipsch Reference On-Ear, which happens to share the $200 price point with the new Philips, but I was more impressed with the sonics of the F1. These could end up being very nice no-frills portable headphones.

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