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Thanks !


Actually i have read a review of the he 500 wich said exaclty what you described for the image wich is not projected in front of you like the L2 does. To my ears i don't see what's its all about, so it's really no problem for me.

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Having spent a few months now with the L2 , the LCD2, two pairs of modded ATH-2's ( one which the drivers now reside in a vintage Pioneer pair of SE30's , it is night and day how different Orthos sound from Dynamic drivers, like the L2.


Orthos tend to sound sort of dryer, full bodied, they don't over shout, get shrill, the bass is even, deep , punchy , they can go loud, very loud, and vocals are slightly on the relaxed side in the mix, or voicing if you like, but they don't tend to sound big, it is a compact , organized rendition.


The L2's in comparison are big sounding, good depth, very detailed ( but this can get over board sometimes ) they are fast and exciting, sub bass is very good i find ( this is also good on the LCD2 tho ) they don't like shrill poorly recorded stuff, they take no prisoners... on good recorded material they can really shine where the detail retrieval can be made the most of....They are light and comfy, Orthos tend to be heavier.


The L2's are easy to drive, don't need a powerful amplifier to get them to sing, and work exceptionally well with the Microstreamer I have.


The Orthos seem to like being driven hard, pushed a bit to get all the detail from them.


hence certain music sounds good on each type, i still avoid rock music on the L2, the orthos just do it better, but a nice acoustic with female vocals does sound very revealing on the L2.


I still haven't heard anything else at £150 that will overturn my view of what the L2 can do, its a good can, and one needs to spend quite a lot more to get significant improvements over it ( or a lot of tweaking to old Ortho Headphones )


just for info... I found the cable from a pair of Sennheiser HD215 headphones makes a nice partner with the L2, it tames the brightness a little, brings the mid detail out a little more, and its a coiled cable :) and cheap....having said that the L2 responds very well to EQing anway.


well better get some work done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   can't play with headphones all day ......

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Also, electric guitars are much more textured and sound better on the ortho in my ears. 


I wonder how the L2 would scale on higher gear, i'm waiting for a comparison with my Sunrise amp and HifimeDIY dac to see how the l2 scales up from something like the fiio e17.

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