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For Sale: FS: Custom 6 Foot Sennheiser Cable

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For Sale:
FS: Custom 6 Foot Sennheiser Cable

Will Ship To: ConUS

I have a custom Sennheiser cable for sale. I sold my HD-600s, but the buyer didn't need the cable.




  • 6 Foot length
  • Canare 24 gauge quad wire, OFC
  • Acrolink pin connectors
  • Amphenol 1/4" TRS Plug


This cable is "as new"  Just a few more $$ than upgrading to the HD-650 cable from Sennheiser, but is is a sturdy made cable.


$50. Includes U.S. shipping.  No additional PayPal fees.


Edit: (9/17/2013) -- I actually realized I have two of the exact cables.  The person who bought my HD-600 locally in my area decided not to opt for the custom Sennheiser cable.  One has been sold.  One still remains.  Thank you.

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