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DIY Sennheiser hd 25-1-ii

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Hi everyone,


I'm sorry to post my request here but as a new member to Head-fi I cannot post a new classified until I've written 10 posts...


I've bought to an head-fier a pair of amazing senn's hd 25-1-ii. For style, solidity and sound improvent I am seeking for a DIY copper cable for my cans. So here is my question, is anybody is willing to make one for me for a good price ? Don't hesitate to PM me for proposals.

For info, I'm living in Montréal, Canada.


Thanks for reading my post and have a good night!



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Bonjour Benoit, Hello there,


You can buy various cables on ebay, from $50 or more, for wire replacement/upgrading of your HD25-1-II.

I'm looking forward to make these too, because nothing seems difficult and I see no part requiring a $50~200 budget !

AND, we're still looking for better quality, not just the good one :


1 pair of gold-plated HP connectors = $8.88

1 hi grade gold-plated 3.5 mm Jack = $5~$25

2x1m copper/silver wire = $3~$12

Flat heat-shrinkable duct < $1


Eventually : copper anti-RFI + Nylon duct = $4


If anybody is interrested, maybe we could go on a small serie to get better prices (5~10 parts maybe ...)


At least, tell me what you think Benoit

Et s'il y a d'autres francophones, on peut continuer dans la langue de Molière.



BTW, I'm using a Sennheiser HD 25-1 mark II 'Adidas edition' on a FiiO X3 Hiii!-fidelity player.

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Hi Arnaud,


I don't have any equipment to make a cable (solder station, pliers,...) and i don't have any skills in electronics...

Your proposition is really interesting but I'm a lazy person and I think that I'll go with this cable --> http://btg-audio.webs.com/webstore.htm#!/~/product/category=2706350&id=14054484


Thanks again for the answer and have a great day!



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Don't worry Benoit, if you're not in an urgent need, I'm offering to make these, just at the real cost.
The time to get the parts, build them and send to anyone interested in the project
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Anybody else interested by some great DIY Hd 25 cable ?


The more the merrier!


Have all a great day.



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Pour ceux que le projet pourrait intéresser, voici le menu :
For those who might be interrested in the project, here are the data :



0,75~1,0 m Cable VIABLUE EPC-4 Silver @ 5 €/m

* Material : 4 x (19 x 0,10 mm) Oxygen Free Copper 99,997% Silver plated
* Double-shielding : OFC Silver plated duct/braided + Aluminium PET foil
* Diam. Ext. : 3,9 mm (+/- 0,2mm)

// Furutech, Mogami, SummerCable and other cables I could find won't fit

Plug VIABLUE T6s "Small" Mini-JACK 3,5" Bronze/Gold @ 12,50 €

* Material : Rigid Aluminium machined in One bloc
* 24K Gold-plated Bronze for connectors
* Fits with cables from 1 mm to 6,2 mm : L. 40 mm x D. 9 mm

// A budget Jack plug @ 4~6 € could also fit



Cardas connectors Rhodium or Gold plated @ 18 € max

// or same quality @ 6~12 €


0% Lead soldering (96% Tin 3.5% Silver 0.5% Copper)


Thermo duct 2:1 for junctions/splits (black)


Nylon duct, option if we use a double-shielded cable
// or for aestetic and maximum customization


Donc pour qui est partant, un petit billet de 40 à 50 € ira pour tout ça.


Message in reply or PM to tell me if you're in the project.


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Compatible with :


asymetrical wiring


Sennheiser HD 25 II

Sennheiser HD 25-1 II

Sennheiser HD 25-13 II

Sennheiser HD 25 Alu

Sennheiser HD 25-C II


symetrical wiring


Sennheiser HD 25-SP II



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Do you have a finished product that you can show in some pictures?

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I don't have the 'finished product' to show.
Of course, like a lot of folks here, I have other projects like home made HP tube amps, speakers, various amps and tweaks ...

The point here is a new project shared with the community ; in 1st instance I offered to Kipox to make this, because I can.

I'll make one for me, but the fun is making for others asking.

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Are you still making these cables? I live in Australia and would be very interested in purchasing 1 from you.

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I'm also interested

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This is waaaaay old but I'm bumping because I want to start making my own cables for my Sennheiser headsets and can't make new posts yet. This doesn't seem that difficult, where can a person find all the parts? I have the skills to do this as I do general IT and electronics repair and this seems to be on the same level as that work. Anyone have some pointers, vendors, or gear they would recommend?

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Whereabouts are you based, Europe, Asia or USA?

I'm in the U.K.


Might have a small job for you regarding cable issue!





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guessing OP has well moved on. But for anyone in a similar situation, I advise you call sennheiser and ask them for a copper cable for the HD-25. I did this when I had a set of them, they sold me a long copper cable with 1/4" termination about $20 or $30. The nice thing about that cable was that it was made for the HD-25, so the headband was utilized for cable run (you didn't have to flip the earphones upside down like you do with like a HD-6x0 cable). 

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I needed a cable, and to save time I just bought this one from China on Ebay, works great so far - http://www.ebay.com/itm/181598779355?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=480556125217&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

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