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For Sale:
Rolls RA53b 5 Channel Amplifier

Will Ship To: U.S.A

Up for sale is a Rolls RA53b five channel headphone amplifier. The price is set very low due to a couple of cosmetic and sound related issues, listed below. 


Cosmetic issues: One screw is missing, lots of scratches on the top of the amp, chipping on some sides, and a small dent where it says "Model RA53b on the right", rubber on some of the potentiometers have been worn out a bit, and some scratching on the front plate. 


Sound issues: The sound is perfect, however, the RCA inputs are broken. The Stereo 6.5mm,Mono 6.5mm, Join jacks, and all five outputs have been tested and are working, however, I have not tested the XLR or Inserts as I lack the equipment to hook that up.


Included is a power supply and no other accessories. $40 includes free shipping and all paypal fees. 


Yes, it's pretty ugly and damaged. But it sounds great and drove my HD600, SM3, HE-400, HD 598, and SR80i with flying colors. 

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