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Hmm this was less reassuring... I am sometimes over half the volume on the Note 2 though that is probably a bit to high :)


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The output of the both Moto X models was fine for me. It worked fine with all my earbuds and IEMs. It didn't work well with all my cans though, the more inefficient ones needed some help. The two models I currently own that they didn't work well with were the Superlux HD688B and the Audio-Technica ATH-M40. However, both of these are notoriously inefficient and even when listening at home (with all my head devices), I use an external amp - and both these models need higher gain settings on the external amp.


Some cans like the V-Moda XS needed to be at full volume depending on ambient noise level.


However, what i was doing was turning up the phone volume to completely drown out any ambient noise. When ambient noise is at a minimum, top volume isn't needed to due the clarity of these devices. Plus.  both the Superlux and Audio Technica devices are not really practical for portable use. The Superlux look like alien sattelite dishes to the general population -either that or Breaking Bad lab protection. The Audiotechnicas are permanately wired with a superlong cable - which is great for the studio but awkward for portable use. Plus, both of these cans benefited from external amplification even when at home.

But for just walking around the park or store and listening to music, my Moto X 2014 is fine with almost all of my head devices. While walking around Wal-mart, sometimes I'm impressed with the clarity of sound. This especially happens when I'm listening to audiophile FLAC files ripped from MFSL or GRP digital masters. The two albums I have been listening to most are John Klemmer's Touch and David Benoit's Every Step of the Way. Poppy Jazz. The Moto X along with my Vmoda XS - and I can tell what brand of bass or guitars they are using and also the brand of guitar and which pickup they are using. Clarity like this in portable unstacked use was unheard to me until recently. Even James Taylor sounds awesome.

I can make a big improvement by using my external DAC and amp - but then I realize I'm getting further away from the definition of portable - same thing can be said if I want to wear cans that look like alien sattelite dishes.


The Moto X is one device and I no longer need to carry around a seperate media player, scheduler, tablet (or laptop!), or Navigation device. In some cases, the Moto X does these tasks better than the other devices, but in some cases, the seperate devices are better.


But the Moto X is good enough and the convenience more than makes up for any marginal decrease in quality.

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Got it home now and yes volume is not a problem. Though it felt like the EPH-100 got totally out of control if I tried to push it but that is generally above the 75 db anyway.

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Mine is on its way in bamboo 😃 can't wait to check it out on some of my headphones!
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Cool hope it don´t scratch up to bad. For me I need protections because I drop my headphones so it would been a waste lol.


As for audio quality did a reality check against my Ipod touch 3G and well no it´s not nearly as good but as long you don´t get audiofilish it does work.


I guess the dedicated mp3 players may have an advantage over smartphones having gsm antennas and all kind of crap too.

Now I am going to unbox my Moto 360.

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Mine has the rosewood back. I actually got the plain jane white 1st gen. I was a little peeved when they came out with customization 3 months later and wouldn't let me switch. Then, less than a year later, customizable 2014 model came with many of the Gen 1 shortcomings addressed. I was more peeved. The only feature that wasn't added was the ability to plug in a uSD card for expansion. It is possible to use an OTG cable to access flash storage (and also external DACs), but it's not quite as convenient as just having a slot.


Then, my plane jane Gen 1 started acting wonky. I was very peeved that I had to fork out more cash for a brand new phone. I contacted Motorola, and they informed me that my phone is still under warranty, except they couldn't replace it with the same model since my carrier no longer uses that model. 


Then a few days later, Motorola said they would upgrade me to the new Gen 2 model for free and throw in the customization for free.


I wasn't peeved any more, but exstatic - since the new price of the customized 2014 model is more than what I paid for my plane jane Gen 1.


Motorola just needs to stick a uSD slot in there (that isn't spring loaded so the uSD card goes flying out randomly), and they have a winner.


Sounds good enough for an all-in-one, but is bested by a dedicated DAC/amp.


Sounds much better than my onboard laptop audio which is endorsed by "Skull Candy".


Why a major manufacturer like Skull Candy would endorse such an awful sounding product is beyond me. Yes, most Skull Candy buds/IEMs/and cans aren't all that good. But believe it or not, I've found 2 that actually sound pretty good.

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That´s good customer service.


My laptop is better then yours it´s endorsed by dr Dre beats ;)

I really try to ignore marketing so having such endorsements is neither good neither bad but yes it´s not superbad I have to say.


You don´t need a dedicated dac/amp at all to beat it silly it´s enough with an ipod touch 3g. Best I can say it´s good enough to be somewhat ignorant until you actually compare with something better and I don´t recall the Note 2 being much better if any.  Ipod touch 3G vs desktop amps there is less of a difference with these iems.


I just wish the touch had gsm or something not to call with just so I can use spotify everywhere. I guess it´s not possible to somehow use moto x 2014 as a bridge to my Ipod touch? 


But I am not disappointed with the moto x 2014. It´s not worse or better then I expected in regard of sound quality and seeing how hard it has to complete a day I understand why they killed the power output. 

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My laptop now has a Fiio DAC. And the DAC can also be used with the Moto X! Overkill though. . .but this is head-fi.

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