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Wise Ones,


A couple of years ago, the Carrot One Ernestolo was mentioned here, with limited info and opinions:




I live in Tokyo, and just visited the huge Yodobashi electronics store in Akihabara after work tonight.  I noticed that Carrot One has released a new DAC/Amp combo with a similar, though slightly longer, name:




This new unit is much more expensive than its shorter-named sibling.  Unfortunately, I can find almost no information in English on this unit, and I just happen to be looking for a desktop, semi-portable tube amp for the Sennheiser hd800.  So - I was hoping that the tech-spec fluent amongst you could look over the figures on the italian homepage and give me some idea if this is a worthy option or better avoided (the specs are available in English).  I am losing sleep every night, poring over the recommendations here on head-fi for the hd800; I`ve narrowed it down to the predictable suspects but this flaming orange beauty is very new and very available and therefore kind of interesting . . .   


In advance, thank you !



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Nobody ?  I`m open to reckless speculation.  The price just dropped by about 50$.... Also the smaller Ernestolo (also tube) is really reduced, by around 100$.   My HD800s arrive in two days . . . . 

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There's not much info about it, but reviews are starting to appear. This guy used it with the HD600's. 


According to specs, seems to have a good amount of power. 

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Thanks; I hadn`t seen that review.  That review is for the older Ernestolo amp; I am more interested in the more recent Ernestolone amp/dac, which is larger and twice the price: 



These seem like possibly great alternatives to the ALO Pan Am or Continental . . . 

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I have one on the way and it should arrive in a few days.  I plan to bring it to the upcoming NYC meet so hope to get opinions from others about it and hope some will share their thoughts too.

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