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For Sale: FS: Alessandro MS1s

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For Sale:
FS: Alessandro MS1s

Will Ship To: US

Clearing out all the stuff in my collection that's being neglected--would much rather they find a happy home! Prices include paypal fees and shipping in the US.


Alessandro MS1s ($55): This is the non-i version. Left cup detached from the headband, now securely fastened with Srugu (see pics). Otherwise in mint condition. Comes with Reversed Sennheiser HD414 pads as well as the stock pads, and the pizza box. 


Modded Fostex T50RP $old!


ATH-m50s $old!

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PM sent, let me know.

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Not sure if you didn't care for my offer or haven't viewed my message yet. Either way please message me so we can work out this sale. Thanks.

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