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I posted a thread here a couple weeks ago for good $20 IEMs that were balanced across the spectrum, someone recommended these so I bought them.

They just rocked up, and they are exactly what I was looking for in terms of sound. Currently listening on completely neutral EQ and they sound great.

Nice sparkly treble, good bass without being overpowering. Maybe a tiny bit on the heavy side in mid-bass but that's probably being quite picky for the $17 I paid (you can get them cheaper apparently, but they seem to be going up).

Look a bit cheap and cheesy, but the sound quality is great. Build seems good.

My only suggestion if you get some is open the packet from the bottom, if you open from the top you'll pull on the cables when you try to take them out.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for a cheap IEM that has a nice balanced signature rather than just all bass.

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