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New Portable Setup ideas

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Hi all,


I've taken a bit of a hiatus from portable music due to the fact I've been taking the car everywhere rather than walking. However I now find myself taking the train to work every day, which means that it's time to take another look. I previously had what I seem to remember was called an aamp3, which was some shonky looking (but great sounding) Chinese brick of a player paired with some Klipsch S4s, which I loved like the proverbial fat kid loves cake. Nowadays my setup is lousy at best - iPod Nano or Nexus 7 tablet with some RZA Chambers. (Don’t judge me, they were free)


Either way, it's time to invest in some decent gear. Contrary to every decent source going, unfortunately I'm a pretty big proponent of streaming media services - I currently use Google Play All Access, but I'm happy to switch about - and I'd like a player that I could download/store music on the device. Obviously, I'd like to have the highest bit rate source possible, but a reasonable portion of my FLAC library got eaten recently. :(

The above sort of dictates that I have to have something apple (yuck!) or Android based device. Regrettably all I actually want to do on the device is play music, so watching films or any other activity that these OS's would bring would be unused.


The other alternative is if anyone knows of any streaming service that lets you download MP3s (preferably at 320) and stick them on a device. In which case the world is my oyster...


Once we get over that hurdle, I'll need some gear, if anyone could recommend me something to the tune of the following -



PMP: ~£150-200

Amp: Ideally under £100

Headphones: ~£50-80


I generally prefer a flat EQ, but I do like a warm, slightly bass heavy sound. If anyone has any thoughts along those lines, I'd be very much appreciative.

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You can use that Nexus 7 to really become a beast for audio if you want. Simply buy PowerAmp ($5?). Add an AudioTechnica WS99 and you're good to go. If you want an amplifier, you could sneak a Fiio E17 into the mix, since it can be used with the Nexus 7 via USB (look into this).


Alternatively, just rockbox your iPod.


You really don't need an amplifier unless your headphone demands one. I would focus on NOT needing one for a portable setup unless you just like the idea of it and don't mind throwing money on something that's not necessary (hey, I do it....).


I think the Audiotechnica WS99 and ESW9A would be a good way to start, no amps needed. Warm and smooth like you described wanting. Just sort out how you want to do your DAP and you're set.


Very best,

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