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Originally Posted by jjunrong View Post  my apologies for reviving such an old thread. is there any review on the latest product CW-L32V and how does it compares to TG334?


I listened to the CW-L32 and CW-L32V for a brief period. The L32 is voiced similarly to its brethren --- somewhat neutral, laid-back, but it is noticeably less trebly than its other brothers. I like its sub-bass presentation a lot, however. The L32V, on the other hand, is what you might expect from something with a 'V' attached to the end of itself --- it has very boosted vocals, especially in the lower midrange. This might cause people to get the idea that it is not as clear sounding as its non-V twin, and in some ways that's true, but the vocal range boost is obvious and therefore serves a functional purpose. I can't tell whether it's a psychoacoustic effect or not, but it feels as though the L32V's sub-bass is also rolled-off compared to the regular L32, and the treble is even further smoothed, so the L32V feels like a mid-centric monitor through and through. It feels specifically tuned for the stage.