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Meelectronics M-Duo Dual Driver Monitor Review

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I want to thank Meelectronics for sending out these IEMs for review.


Introduction:  I’m an audiophile that has a penchant for excellent sounding sound equipment. I have always had a deep interest in In Ear Monitors but have recently started to purchase full size headphones as well.  


Company Info: From my experience, Meelectronics, also known as Meelec makes some of the best headphones for the price. They also have some of the best customer service that I have ever worked with. www.meelec.com


Product: Meelectronics M-Duo, Metallic Blue 

Price: Retail: $80



·         Driver: Dual Dyanmic Drivers

·         Frequency Range: 10 – 20000Hz

·         Impedance: 16 ohms

·         Connector: 3.5mm gold plated

·         Cable Length: 135cm/53in

Meelectronics in ear monitors that provide a wider dynamic range as a result of the dual driver system.


Equipment Used:

·         My desktop with an Asus Xonar Sound Card

·         HTC One

·         Fiio E5 amplifier

Packaging and Accessories:The packaging is quite nice, it is a very high-end box with a cross-sectional picture of the headphones showing off the inner workings. It comes with an updated carrying case that provides much more protection compared to the older carrying case as well as 6 different pairs of ear tips as well as a shirt clip. The shirt clip is now much easier to remove compared to the older shirt clip.





Build Quality: The build quality of the earphones is very good, however due to the shape and design, I could easily mistake them for $20 earphones. However, they do not feel like $20 earphones at all; the housings are made of metal, aluminum I believe, and this is what makes them feel extremely durable. The Y-joint and the microphone are both metal and feel very solid. I have taken them to the gym many, many times, and they haven’t shown any signs of wear, I am extremely impressed.




Isolation: I use the medium sized single flange tips that came installed on the earphones. I find that these tips seal and work with my ears the best. The isolation is slightly above average for an in ear monitor, nothing too crazy like how some Etymotics can be.


Comfort: Comfort for the M-Duos is what is expected for an IEM with such a form factor. Pretty much feel like any other standard mid-range IEM out there. I can wear them for many hours without much discomfort.


Sound Signature: I have used these headphones exclusively for over a month now with burn in periods of pink noise ever now and then.

·         Bass: The bass is very clear and detailed. Definitely a bit warmer than neutral, but the bass is very fun and the sub-bass is excellent as well. The lower extension you get with these earphones is just great.

·         Midrange: The mids are a bit recessed, these earphones definitely have a V-shaped frequency response curve. Still not too bad, but could be a bit better.

·         Highs: The highs have a bit of a roll off but are quite detailed and have a good amount of sparkle to them. I didn’t notice much sibilance or fatigue with these earphones.

·         Soundstage: Good for an in ear monitor, good enough that I can use them to locate footsteps in First Person Shooting games.

·         Conclusion: Fun sound signature that is just solid. Slight mid recession but isn’t that bad once your ears adjust.



·         Four Seasons Winter 1st Mvt. By Vivaldi: Excellent separation and imaging for an in ear headphones. Good speed and accuracy. These earphones are very enjoyable for classical music.

·         Don’t Give Up On Us by Avicii: This is where I think the M-Duos really shine. The bass and sub-bass is rendered beautifully for electronic dance music. Just super fun to listen to with these earphones.

·         Fade to Black by Metallica: Enjoyable to listen to, but for this genre of music, I wish the frequency curve was a bit more balanced than it’s V-shape.


Amped vs. Unamped: These earphones do very well with an amp. With my measly E5 there is a touch more body and a bit more clarity.


Microphone: Very good clarity for a headset microphone.


Conclusion: The M-Duos, as always like the other headphones that Meelectronics offers, is a great bang for the buck in ear monitor that offers excellent sound quality for the price.


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Video Review is Up:


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