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Flac Alac and the Ipods

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I have two iPods, one is a 4th gen Touch, the other a 6.5 gen Classic (120gb)

I have a Fiio E01, a iBasso D-0 and soon a Sony PHA-1

I believe that both the iPods can't go beyond 16-bit 48kHz playback, while iPads can do 24/96.

The PHA-1 can go, when connected to an iDevice, up to 24/48, but from an iPod will never get that, just 16/48.

My iPod touch, and rockboxed Classic can play alacs and flacs coded beyond the 16/48 limit, can feed 24/192 and it plays.

On the Touch things sound ok, I think, however on the rockboxed Classic 24/192 flacs start hissing.

Now, because I am going to use the PHA-1 with the Classic, I have to get back to the original Apple firmware, and therefore to alacs.

Question One. Will there be any difference in SQ between;

"Convert flacs, like f.i 24/96 to 16/48 alacs beforehand" or "Let the re-sampling be done by the iPod (classic) to 16/48" ?? (I guess that happens)

(for the rockboxed classic it surely is better to convert to 16/48 beforehand,as it seems)

Question Two. Is there a difference in quality of the various down samplers, or is it a simple algorithm nobody can make mistakes with?

I now use TAudioConverter (easy to change bitrates/sampling freq) or foobar with qaac.

Thanks for listening!

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It is not too difficult to write a high quality and fast resampler (I even coded one myself), and there are several good ones, but some do get it wrong. If you are using foobar2000, the SoX resampler plugin is a well known one that is recommended for its good conversion quality, configurability, and efficiency.

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iPods are being discussed.

The iTemplar, BigShot, will appear soon, to tell you all you need to know. 

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Looking forward to the iTemplar..
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