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Playing records is a technology that has existed for 100 years. You don't need lasers to do that. And you can easily EQ a CD to sound just like a record with the same master. When I see people making vinyl all complicated, I wonder if they even play vinyl very often.
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LOL, no doubt. The laser isn't because one needs it, it's because it takes the phono cartridge out of the signal path....
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the ELP laser turntable requires extreme cleaning of the records, still the tech doesn't reach good stylus playback noise floor


also the physics of Gaussian spot size, practical f number optics gives laser spot larger than elliptical stylus contact width in the scanning direction


the ELP does seem to be useful for archival use reducing the chance of damaging rare records, ability to set spot location on wall to avoid wear damage from previous mechanical play

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The only use I see for it is playing records that are broken into bits. For a normal record, a cartridge is a million times better. The laser turntable won't play colored vinyl either, so that leaves out your white wax White Album!
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Originally Posted by manbear View Post

I have some flac files that are 24/96 vinyl rips, but I don't think they sound any better than 16/44 CD rips. 24/96 rips taken from a digital source, like an SACD or DVD Audio, often sound better than their 16/44 counterparts to me, however. I'm guessing that this is because the vinyl equipment and ADC used to make the rip isn't that great? Any opinions? 

When I say that they don't sound any better, I mean that dynamic range doesn't seem better, the amount of detail doesn't seem better, and the general sense of clarity is the same or even worse, due to background hiss. 

For reference, I'm using foobar -> HRT Music Streamer 2 -> Little Dot Mk3 -> Q701 or HE-400. 

EDIT -- This may be obvious, but I didn't make the vinyl rips and I don't know who did. They weren't all made by the same person either. I think the place where I got these vinyl rips isn't supposed to talked about on these forums, if you catch my drift...



I come to this conclusion as well.


I also wonder if it's because sampling it at 24/96 is digitizing an analog signal, so it's going to sound different because of that processing.


Idk...  I'm happy with a good CD.

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yes,And the cartridge is probably even more important than the turntable.thank you


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