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For Sale:
Hifiman He-6 stock OCC copper with speaker tap adapter

Will Ship To: Anywhere

More cable clear-out, a man does not need a Norse, Toxic, and various aftermarket cable together with the stock cable in his drawer 



Up for sale is a Hifiman He-6 stock cable (the one Hifiman is selling for $220 ish new). In good condition, no oxidization or anything.


It is originally a balance cable with 4-pin XLR, together with a pigtail 4-pin XLR -> 1/4" TRS adapter. As I work with speaker amp mostly, I've changed it to 4-pin XLR -> 4x bare wires.

The package you'll received will include:


Hifiman He-6 stock cable

The 4 pin XLR -> 4 bare wires.

2x Mills 10 Ohm resistors - in case you have a transformer coupled tube amp. If you want two more to use as serial resistor, I could also include it for free.

4x Banana (screw-on) type.


I'm a fan of typing bare wires into speaker binding post - but if you want to use banana plug (easier), I could also make it into 4 pin XLR -> 4 banana, with markings of which is L+ L- R+ R-. I could include the original Neutrik 1/4" TRS Plug if you want it.


Asking for £100 shipped in the UK for the whole package.