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Sony 9.1ch Digital Surround Headphone System MDR-HW700DS

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Release Date:2013年10月25日



型式 密閉ダイナミック型
ドライバーユニット 口径50mmドーム型 *1
マグネット ネオジウムマグネット
再生周波数帯域 5Hz-25,000Hz
インピーダンス 24 ohm(1kHz) *2
電源 内蔵リチウムイオン充電池(DC3.7V )
充電時間 3時間
充電方法 USB充電
電池持続時間 12時間
質量 約320g *3


コントローラー あり
エフェクトモード OFF
デコーダー Dolby TrueHD、DTS、MPEG-2 AAC、Linear PCM 2ch/5.1ch/7.1ch、Dolby Digital Plus、Dolby Digital、DTS-HD Master Audio、DTS-HD High Resolution Audio、DTS Express、DTS Digital Surround、DTS-ES、DTS 96/24
到達距離 最大約30m
プロセッサー伝達帯域 12-24,000Hz (デジタル入力時 48kHzサンプリング時)
音声出力 HDMI出力 x1
光デジタル出力(角型) x1
入力端子 HDMI入力 x3、光デジタル入力(角型) x1、アナログ入力(ピンジャック右/左)x1
電源 付属ACアダプター(12V, 1500mA)
質量 410g
大きさ(幅×高さ×奥行) 220 X 32 X 157mm


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Look like the headphone not much different from MDR-DS7500

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This headphone is launched in Japan. Will try to get some impression during my business trip this week. ^^
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What a big disappointment audition this new wireless headphone in Yodobashi.  :(


At first I thought this is caused by a cheap stock RCA input...  but end up is demo using HDMI input.


The headphone is make of plastic. It looks like a bit of metal in the picture but actually is plastic.

The only thing that Sony did right is, quite comfortable on wearing it but I sigh all the way through out my audition.

I restricted to very close distance to the receiver and yet sound keep breaking consistently no matter is 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz mode.

I have Switched all over the surround mode... I cant believe i not able to find anything good...  ><

I tried to switch over to analog or try from my Note3, and blame on the cheap DVD player they used below the receiver but failed to do that.


Overall sound signature is smooth, muddy, small soundstage... just...like i plug my free headphone to a PC with on board sound card during pentium 3 time. Does it worth 41,800yen? Silly me, what am I thinking.

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Appreciate the feedback.  Need to pick up a pair of wireless headphones for occasional evening TV watching, maybe keep it simple and get some Senn's

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these headphones use Virtualphones Technology (VPT).

Can someone compare these with Dolby Headphone or Yamaha's Silent Cinema?

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All other reviews of this headphone have been very positive. Hard to believe every other reviewer on the planet was blatantly falsified.
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Nobody got a pair of these then? People seem very impressed with them for movies/gaming, etc...

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Just got the HK version and these are amazing for movie watching. The surround effects are close to a real 5.1 surround system, except for less bass and centre channel feeling more in the head than on the screen. Overall this is the best I've heard in headphone surround technology. Well worth it!

Note: Sony Hk informed me that up to four headphones can connect to the base unit spontaneously even though there is no ID button on each headphone (Japanese version has one). This is unlike the UK version which looks identical but supports only one headset.
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Tested them with The Bourne Legacy (DTS 5.1), and set the device to "Cinema DTS Neo X". Really immersive surround sound. Very powerful and showed some good height effects. Because Bourne is all about how hyper sensitive he is to his surroundings, the sound mixing is really suitable for showing off surround effects!

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Really late to the party, but unless you really need lossless audio for movies, at the sake of immersion and additional headphone options, these aren't worth the money at all.  As it stands, they are basically a $350 pair of console headphones, which should only matter if you have a Wii U, since there are plenty of other options for devices that have optical out.  The channel seperation on these (compared to an Essence STX + DT880s or Alpha Dogs) is absolute trash and the width and depth of the soundstage feels like you're in a cramped hallway.


If you're not a fan of Dolby Headphone, you'll absolutely hate these for immersion.  The center channel is either directly in the center of your head, or not even there at all.  They are "okay" for gaming, but bad for music and bad for movies, unless you have no other option.

DTS Headphone X hardware can't come soon enough.

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I really needed these to complement my lossless audio for movies and to incorporate both Dolby and DTS formats. I do agree that it's expensive compared to other simpler solutions, e.g. for PS4 or WII U gaming, and in some ways, the absence of a mic actually makes them less suitable for online gaming.


Having said that, price is not really an issue for me (fortunately) and they currently serve as a really comfortable jack-of-most-trades for my private time when the kids/wife are asleep. I do like the auto switch on and off function that they have and the wireless base with it's multiple hdmi inputs was just what i needed to aggregate my devices to output sound either to the headphones or to my 5.1 speaker system. The system is really light as well and i've managed to use them for couple of hours without sweating or becoming irritated by them.


Agree that people should buy this if you need a wireless solution, lossless sound movies, psuedo hdmi-hub, and don't mind the absence of a mic for gaming.

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Originally Posted by headwilier View Post


Agree that people should buy this if you need a wireless solution, lossless sound movies, psuedo hdmi-hub, and don't mind the absence of a mic for gaming.


To each their own, but I'm not sure how many can actually tell the difference between DTS and DTS-MA without constantly rewatching the same scenes again and again with a before and after.  Besides that, I'm also not sure how many people would actually prefer that extra clarity (placebo or not) at the cost of almost no immersion.  I guess if most of the movies you watch are just heavy dialogue dramas, it might not matter as much.  HDMI matrixes that offer more inputs can also be had for much less, combined with something like the Sennheiser RS 180 (lossless wireless) for about the same price as these for superior audio quality, but no surround.

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Gotten to the stage in my life with kids and family and decent job but limited private time where I need something convenient, plug and play etc which does have format support. Had previously poor experiences with combining different components like a toshiba Dolby headphone device and hdmi matrix and random headphones. Just don't have the time or motivation to piece a systen together. That's why nearly all my systems are sony: tv, ps4, wireless headphones, 5.1 surround speaker system. I am sure that quality is not the best but it's more than adequate and the convenience is important to me at the moment
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