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Best IEM for a bass head?

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 Sorry if this is an over posted topic, I have perused all of the similar ones but need a little more specific guidance.

I'm looking for an in ear headphone for around the 100$ mark that can satiate my desire for orgasmicly deep bass. 

 I Mainly listen to bass-centric Electronic/dance tunes (dubstep/post-dubstep in particular) and punk/hardcore, but I listen to a good amount of everything.

  Unfortunately some of the ones I'm most interested in (Shure SE215 Limited Edition, Yamaha EPH-100SL) are a little bit out of my price range, if I could find some on ebay or something even for like ~110$ that would be gravy, but 125+ is pushing it.


  Some more affordable one's I'm considering are the VSonic GR06, the  Sony MDR-XB90EX, and the (I'm sorry, please don't judge me) Urbeats by dre.

 I've heard they're pretty decent for what I'm looking for, and I'm perfectly comftorable running the risk of looking like a *********.

 I'm even considering just picking up a pair of "KRK KNS8400" over-ear headphones, although in-ear seems more practical currently as I will mainly be using them while commuting/longboarding.

 If I'm sitting at home or "producing" I'll usually just listen to music through speakers anyway, as that's generally more effective.

  Sorry for the wall of text there, but if anyone can recommend me some headphones in my criteria I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!

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If you want deep rumbling sub-bass I suggest you look into Hippo VB or Atrio MG7. You can find  Hippo VB for around $100 on eBay and MG7 on Atrios website. Try and venture a little away from the mainstream brands you're looking at IMO. Now for the Atrio they're usually $200 but last I heard (not sure if it's still working) there was a coupon code which gets you 50% off.

The code is: CostProg50%

Personally owning both and craving bass back in the day I preferred Hippo VB, also if you want to create even more bass use a little portable amplifier such as FiiO's E5 or E11 and flick on their bass boost. That should satisfy you.

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Awesome, is the amp that comes with the hippos any good?

If I were to purchase the Atrios I couldn't afford an amp immediately, but if the sound quality is that much better, that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Otherwise I think you've sold me on the hippos with a FiiO E5. (unless the E11 is miraculously better)

Thanks, man


Edit: atrio doesn't seem to have a website... I've googled it...

 Is it not because that brings me to an error. :(


Edit #2: If it's, they're sold out. 

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I haven't heard the Go Vibe Mini, though E5 or E6 is a safe bet for bass boosting.

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e5 or e6 are more or less just volume boosters. they dont have the circuitry to improve sound quality just take existing sound and add more volume to it. its not till you get to the e07,e11,e17,e12 that you start getting quality amplification from Fiio IMO.

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Originally Posted by Mooses9 View Post

e5 or e6 are more or less just volume boosters. they dont have the circuitry to improve sound quality just take existing sound and add more volume to it. its not till you get to the e07,e11,e17,e12 that you start getting quality amplification from Fiio IMO.


+1 on E5 and E6 as volume booster. There's only very slight bit of cleaner sound. But basically functions just to boost the volume

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To the OP, you may want to check out any of the JVC HAFX line or Shure SE215 Limited Edition.

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I would push for SE215. They are excellent for their price. I can still listen to them and enjoy them after coming from D2000s and LCD-3. I also have KNS 8400. Good for monitoring, not the best for mixing. Also, the bass doesn't have the most impact, although goes very deep.

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cx300-ii fits really well, isolates good and really nice bass.

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I've had the FutureSonic Atrio for quite a while now (Mg7 driver) - think I paid less than $100 on Amazon during a sale.  Anyway, I have Sennheiser HD600 and a couple other over-ear cans, and I simply like the Atrios better.  The bass response is superb - very, very deep, but well articulated and not boomy or overpowering, and while they may not "sound" as "nice" as some other phones I've had, they're a *LOT* more fun to listen to.  Voices sound very much like voices, guitars sound like guitars, drums sound more like drums than anything else I've tried, and while they may not be the most "accurate" sounding things I've ever stuck in my ears, I really don't care.  (if you listen to somebody playing a piano, you'll notice that some of the notes are more prominent than others, and it seems to shift closer to you / farther back depending on which notes are being played.  I can live with that.)  They're really cool.

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The Sony XB90EX are pretty wonderful for sub-bass while having excellent mids and a bit rolled off highs. Some say they have the most sub-bass quantity of any IEM. And I'm not just suggesting them because I have a pair up for sale in the Classifieds forum :wink_face:

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+1 on the sonys. I previously owned the jvc fx3x and these are much better in all aspects. Probably the most sub bass in an iem ever smily_headphones1.gif very durable too
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I can easily say these sonys can beat any 100$ bass iem with the right modifications. I listen with no amp, nexus 4, viper4android and shuttle+ player. One of the best combos for great portability and sq.
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Hi, I am a bass head. An extreme one I think. I listen only to electronic dance music. Minimal and Progressive House music more precis. I need a short dry strong low and loud bass. One that makes my pants vibrate ... if it is on a party. So i am constantly on the hunt for extra bass earbuds. I own JVC HA-FX1X and they produce the best bass of the 20 or so earbuds I owned so far.

I recently read about the Sony MDRXB600. They were according to the writer, the best sub 100$ BASS heavy headphones on the market. So I bought the Sony MDRXB600 on Amazon. I was expecting ... more than what the tiny and 1/3 priced JVC HA-FX1X produce in terms of bass. I am disappointed about the MDRXB600. It has a bit more clarity overall. The stereo is wider. But for my electronic minimal house music, it adds no extra bass. I should even say that the JVC has even more bass, when I push the buds properly in to my ears. I have made a clips for the cord, so that it does in no way pulls on the buds, because this diminishes the bass immediately. The big MDRXB600 heats up my ears, because it sits over my ears, in stead of in it. So if you are a bass head like me. The little JVC HA-FX1X outperform the big Sony MDRXB600. The little bastards from JVC also play louder for the same input.

I see on this page that the Sony XB90EX and MDRXB600 and they seem to be comparable, only over or in type. In that case XB90EX would not be worth trying imho. According to this women, JVC HA-FX1X and JVC HA-FX3X are not significantly different. Has anybody experience with JVC HA-FX1X and can advise any sub 100$ earbuds that produce even MORE BASS ? Please let us know.

Let's also not forget that in Europe Sony XB90EX cost 100 euro and JVC HA-FX1X cost only 15 euro. It is like comparing a Volkswagen Golf to a Porche 911 !

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The xb90ex can be had on this site used for around 70$ can. I got a pair for 60$ and loving them over my previous jvc fx3x. Honestly, i love bass as well and listen to numerous types of electronic music as well, but i have come to realize that bass is not everything. If you want to enjoy your music, you need an iem that does very well in all aspects and the xb90ex fits this very well. It has sub bass that will shake your vision. Literally a euphoric experience.
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