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For Sale: FS: Cambridge Audio Dacmagic Black

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Cambridge Audio Dacmagic Black

Will Ship To: CONUS

Check my feedback/reputation here : ( ) ( )


In great condition. Original packaging and rubber stand are unfortunately lost. I will include optical cable (about 4 feet), usb cable and an original rubber stand. $Redacted includes shipping and paypal fee. Thank you for the interest.



Edit : 3/28/2014


I thought this DAC was broken so I closed Classified. It turns out it was my computer's USB problem. DAC has no problem whatsoever.


Edit 2 : I accidentally found the rubber stand for this DAC, yay.

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 Cambridge Audio Dacmagic Black: Reposted with found rubber stand will be included.

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Sorry to ask, but would you ship to South America? How long have you had it? Thanks
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2 years. But it's electronic device with no batteries, it does not really degrade fast or anything by time.


Sure I can send this to South America... but additional shipping fee will be applied. Tell me your address via PM and I can check it out for you.


Remember, if this goes into limbo by Customs, I cannot take any responsibility. There is an absolutely no way I can help you if customs hold the shipment.

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