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For Sale: Grado HP2

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For Sale:
Grado HP2

Will Ship To: Anywhere



Up for sale is a Grado HP2 that I got not very long ago off eBay. This is my favourite headphone and the only reason I'm selling it is that I recently bought an HP1, and even though I'd love to keep both, there's no reason for it at the moment as the money could be invested elsewhere.


I am aware that the price is a bit steeper than what these headphones usually go for, but the reason for this is that I'm from Brazil, and we face several difficulties when acquiring electronic items (especially of this caliber) abroad – think Europe but 10x worse. We pay about 60% of taxes (some of which we can sometimes try to avoid) and also another tax over any credit card use on international transactions, plus delays in customs that can reach 2 months.


I paid US$1.800 for the headphones themselves but the extra costs, including shipping, made it reach close to US$2.100. Therefore, I'm offering it for US$2.000 so as to try and minimize my loss. Shipping is to be covered by the buyer. I'm happy to ship it anywhere.


Now, the headphones: they're in pretty good shape, as can be seen through the pictures. One side has about 90% lettering and the other probably a bit less than 50%. Also, the meshes that protect the front of the driver are gone (known issue that doesn't affect the sound in any way). They have the Joseph Grado Signature Ultra-Wide Bandwith Reference Cable and sound absolutely fantastic. All the pictures are from my particular set. Please note that some of them picture the HP2s (no polarity switch) along with the HP1s. The HP2s are the one for sale.


One other last detail: I only have one pair of the original flats for my HP1s, so I will ship the headphones with the famous Sennheiser yellow pads (some prefer its sound) and either original Grado bowls (upper Prestige line, Reference line) or salad bowls (GS1000 and PS1000) – your call.


If you have any questions, doesn't hesitate to contact me!



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Also, I might be interested in trades – specially for an Audio-Technica W3000ANV, but other headphones might interest me. If you have something and would like to trade, let me know!

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In negotiation.
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Still available!

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