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Musical Fidelity X-Can v8p - any good?

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All, I just started my journey into the headphones as has always been the proponent of full-size speaker setups. However recently I saw a need for a headphone setup to compliment my main rig, mainly to do music listening late at night when my family sleeps. I've been searching for a good budget headphone amp to use with my Senn HD 598 that I received recently as present (willing to upgrade later with no questions), and I was offered a lightly used and in great condition Musical Fidelity X-Can v8p for not a lot of money. If fact before this offer I was considering buying Matrix M-Stage or Schiit Asgard, which will cost me the same money as the X-Can v8p. I know it is quite an old model and not lot of online reviews, so I hoped that this forum may help me in my selection. Should I consider this Musical Fidelity amp or go back to my original choices of Matrix/Schiit?


For reference, the source for the headphone amp will Nad M51 fed by my music PC via USB. Thanks. 

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Anyone? I am sure here at the Head-Fi community someone should have experience with these amps. Thanks

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The HD598's are low impedance, pretty efficient headphones. No big amplification is needed. 


Here's a link to a review of the X-can V8

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I've got a V8P. It's a great little amp, very smooth and clean. I've auditioned a few amps before I got it, amongst which was an MF M1 Amp, and I liked the V8P better actually. It was more refined and way more musical in my opinion. The other amps I can't really remember, but they didn't pass by on the internet very often, so they weren't well known. It's a hybrid amp and you get pretty much what you'd expect: Nice and tight sound with a nice bit of tube warmth added to it. I use it most often with a Beyerdynamic DT990 250Ω and an HRT MicroStreamer, which delivers a very airy, but tight, well represented and smooth sound.

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