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£60 budget headphones

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Hi all

My Bayer's dt235's have recently broke and I'm looking for a new pair 'phones but can't decide for the life of me what to get.

I will use them more for home use mainly on a marantz amp but sometimes on a samsung galaxy i9000 and for portable use if they are suitable. I listen to a lot of guitar rock (zeppelin, guns n roses etc). Closed or open back, doesn't really bother me.

What would you recommend?

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You could get a pair of Sennheiser hd201's from amazon for £18.00.  Imagine they would be ok.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I've been looking at these for a while but I'm hesitant because I've read good and bad things about them but they would be ideal for my use. Do i need a headphone amp to benefit them with my i9000? And would it be worth it?
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My favourite around that price is the Audi Technica ATH-ES55


I don't think your phone has a dedicated line out, so in my opinion

no point in amping it, it will sound louder but worse


The ES55s are easy to drive

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i rather loved the v-JAYS for the price, last i saw were going super cheap too

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