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Hello, Iam new to the forum and I want to ask you guys few questions about these headphone

Superlux HD668B or HD 669.


Iam looking to buy new headphones for gaming, my main concernes in headphones are that it will have a good "sound stage" (if I understand from the reading of the forums, its a "depth" of a sound, allowing me to recognize where the sound comes from, etc.).


To be specific what I want from headphones is ability to immerse me in a game world and make it feel like virtual reality, because Iam using razer stereo sound (razer synapse) that make stereo soudn headphones sound like 7.1 ( making the sound come specifice sides with specific intensity etc.)

Iam using Via VT2021 integrated sound card on my PC.

So lets start about the questions:


1. Which one of these headphones are better suited for gaming (as I talked about "sound stage" etc.) ?

2. I noticed that they dont have a volume control on themselves, so should I worry about them being not loud enough? (this really consernes me)

3.Are there any headphones that would be better suited for my needs with price max 30 euro? (I would check if they are available in my country Slovakia eshops and write a response)

4.Is there any way to equalize sound of entire PC (youtube, games, films etc.) by using some kind of free software equalizer ? Iam asking because I red about the headphones having too strong highs and I found someone figured out the settings to eq, but my equalizer ( from integrated Via card) has only few options to tweak (only about 10 from 120 hz to 16 khz iam not sure at the moment).


Thank you very much if you decide to help me with my questions. Really appreciate it. Have a nice day! 

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