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Hey guys. I apologise if this is in the wrong place, haven't been on here for a while. I've been looking at a couple of entry level headphones recently and have read the advice in the "Headphone buyer's guide."


I've been looking at some ATH-AD700's obviously, and I was wondering if this guy was a legit seller considering his price seems quite low. I've looked around the forums and can't find much (apart from possibly an enquiry from another user that wasn't resolved). 

Seller: costlowest



Furthermore, I've also seen some Beyerdynamic DT990's for a good price from a legit seller. As the guide says, is it almost required for these cans to be amped? As I'm not looking to purchase an amp would these Beyers be a poor choice?


I'll be listening to all genres of music, at home, so I would like an open set of circumaurals. However I'm slightly cautious about the poor bass response on the ATH-AD700s as well, but what swings me toward them is the lack of need for an amp and the comfort that they provide. 

Thanks for the responses, Alex :)