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For Sale:
Beyerdynamic T1s in Mint Condition

Will Ship To: CONUS






Selling these mint cans with <50 hours on them.  Just couldn't fall in love with them, as I'm an LCD kind of guy.  Bought in October last year, they ended up third in line behind my LCD-3s and Koss ESP-950s, and there is no point in having a $1000 pair of headphones sitting on a stand -- or in their box where they've been the last four months.  I paid $990, and I'm asking $990 $950 but I'll cover Paypal costs and shipping within the continental US within that amount.


Edited 9/10:  Just re-read this, and it was supposed to say asking $950.  Thought I had fixed that after finding the mistake in the first post, but I guess Head-Fi wanted me to ask for more... In addition, the note at the top says "or best offer" to which I would add "reasonable".  If I'm gonna take too big a beating on them, I'll just keep them, in their box... and wait until they become "vintage" then sell them for 3X the initial price... :biggrin:.


Edited 9/21:  One last try.  I've dropped the price to $900, which is as low as I'll go.  These cans really are barely used, and a bargain for anybody who wants a quality pair of T1s.

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