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Best IEM's for $80-100?

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I'm replacing my ECCI PR401's since they're starting to fail, and I'm looking for good replacement IEM's. I listen to a lot of electronic music and am a bit of a bass head, so I'm looking for an overall balanced sound signature with a powerful yet accurate low end, similar to the PR401's (it can't be too boomy; gotta leave room for acoustic music, too). Before I order another pair of PR401's, I'd like to see what other (and possibly better) options I have. My price range, as stated in the title, is around $80-100. Suggestions are appreciated!

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I own the SURE SE215 Clear IEM's - they were $99 or so- I rather like them.  I've been shopping around, and for the money, the SE215's give a lot of bang for the buck.  I'm still a noob on this site, but I hope I have helped.

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I second this, but note that I have a ZO2 in my chain. I do wish they were a tad brighter.
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I am still catching on to the jargon, but I understand about people who have a desire for perfection when it comes to sound.  I wonder if perhaps a looser fitting ear flange may seem strange, but I've found that I get a better sound wave when I'm just shy of air tight...hmmmmm

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HiFiMAN RE-400   $99

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After reviewing options on the massive multi-IEM review on this site, I've picked out the following as possibilities (I realize some of them break the $100 budget, but I'll be willing to spend a bit more if it means better overall quality):

HiFiMan RE-400
Etymotic Research HF5
Yamaha EPH-100SL
Rock-It Sounds R-50
T-Peos H-100
VSonic VC1000

If anyone has the knowledge to expand on some of these, please do so! I've never heard of any of those IEM's, so extra input would help a lot. I'll do my own research, too, but getting opinions is also a big assist in this sort of thing, considering there are so many choices!
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Best thing to do is compare the sound signatures described by joker in his reviews. Your individual tastes will be more important than whether or not someone else liked one of those headphones more than the other.

I think head-fi member ClieOS has also reviewed many of those headphones as well. Some of them you will find by searching for his user name and the headphone make/model with head-fi as a keyword in Google. Others you can find on his website:
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Yes, I've been comparing some of the IEM's from the $100-200 ranges, and the VSonic GR07 is actually sounding fairly appealing. The extra $80 or so won't be that much of a problem if the sound satisfies. The sound signature seems a bit too professional on the vanilla IEM's, though, so I might go with the bass edition if I do choose them. The only issue I'm having is the statement of mild sibilant tendencies. For all I know, even with the sibilant highs they might still be clearer than with my previous IEM's; given the price differences, I might think so.

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Yep. Be wary of overlooking for sibilance. A lot of recordings have it, and better headphones will reveal it. It's best to learn not to listen for it.
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Vsd1S It's clear than 215.I think it's better than 215 and cheaper a lot
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