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I'm familiar with electronics work (actually taking an electronics engineering course for a Bachelor's degree, but only a semester into it so far) and enjoy DIY stuff, but I'm very much a novice with audio based DIY work. I figured a Cmoy would be a good start-off point for me. Right now I use a pair of UE TripleFi 10s with Comply foam tips and now that the OEM cable is about to break at the left connector I've got a FiiO RC-EU2 cable on the way. My motivation for that particular cable was the price difference between it and the post-Logitech price gouge for a stock cable, but I later found out that it supposedly is a legitimate upgrade for the TF10s, so, groovy.


Anyhoo, back to my amp, I searched through the op-amp thread but didn't find much about peoples' experiences with different op-amps with a Cmoy and IEMs. I'm going to order maybe half a dozen or so different amps (would get more but the budget is tight) to experiment with, but I'm at a bit of a loss as to what would be some good ones to try with IEMs. I primarily listen to rock/metal on my laptop and a decent amount of gaming, so I'm curious what some of the favorites are. I know a good one versus a better one is primarily subjective, but that's why I'm asking for opinions :D


So what're some of your favorites?