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For Sale: Brand new Audeze LCD-3 unopened

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Brand new Audeze LCD-3 unopened

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Bought an extra set for my dad but after trying mine on he didn't like the weight. These are unopened and newest revision. Ill split the PP fee and shipping. Comes with hardwood showcase as well. 5 days old.
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Over 10% off what is a brand new pair of phones. Will ship and insure free and split PP fees. Although I have no feedback on here I can provide a lot of feedback via ebay, amazon, audiogon, and astromart where I've sold tens of thousands of dollars in high end telescopes. Makes this hobby look PM me if interested.
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Could you please provide a photo of the receipt? I am interested.

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"Over" 15% off from the direct price of their website of $1945 should be at least lower than $1653. Update your FS price and I'll PM you

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my mis calculation regarding the %.  Price stands as posted.  Drexler, not posting a receipt in a public forum.  Orig. receipt

will be included with the purchase.  Phones have a pending sale.  Will update if it falls through.

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seems reasonable. I am still hesitating about pulling the trigger, though. 

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Why? aside from mine being for sale, why the hesitation?  Have you heard them?

It seems like they somehow extended the treble in the newer releases.

I do think as posted from other folks, you need to really pick your front end gear carefully

with planar and electrostatics.  I didn't think mine did that great with overly warm or lushy

tubes.  Also it really depends on what music you like. Larger tube amps are good for lots of vocals, instrumentals,

jazz, quartet etc. with the LCD-3's.  I think you need a SS or hybrid for rock or large scale classical IMO unless you

go for a speaker tube amp......

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With no offense, I am struggling mainly with the price of lcd3s. I just hope that a HP at 2k would sound generally good for any music.

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It does IMO. will reveal the quality of the equipment in front of it for sure.  I hear things in my recordings I never heard before, they are fuller and can reproduce all the tones at the same time with no strain.  Now where they come into their own is the lightning fast speed that this planar moves compared to cone drivers at least to me.  The notes seem accentuated and start/ stop faster giving separation.  They are smooth but in no way sound dark as I read in some reviews.  The treble is extended and just sounds right.  Also, a lot of harsher recordings seem smoothed as well......By the way mine are sold  : )

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THX, dude. 

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