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Alright - reading thru that Fix List and posts on other platforms made me think there would be more problems with this device than positive aspects. Maybe it´s just that we are used to comment more when we have problems, dislikes, bugs,... rather than give thumbs up:basshead:

Plus with the 9th batch there was a lot of troubleshooting and fixing from iBasso.

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Originally Posted by musicheaven View Post

Fair enough, I failed to see why they have to drop the volume many db below the 0 mark when you engage it, you got to boost the volume because of that. I would have expected the volume to stay as is when engaging it while it stays at the 0 level mark. Then, only then when you boost the volume back to how it should be can you decipher any frequency boost or reduction. That I think is the issue with the EQ, not the fact we can't adjust the sliders.

That's right.


I don't usually need the EQ. But when I reduce the volume (so that the music becomes a background), I'd like to boost basses and trebles. That's just a "Loudness compensation", a usual thing. The adjustments the 1.2.2 FW can make are just not enough.

Or if they decide to implement a single "Loudness compensation" option (on/off) - that would be acceptable too.

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Hi guys, is it normal if the DX50 feels very warm to the touch while charging? Thanks in advance.

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Originally Posted by Leo888 View Post

Hi guys, is it normal if the DX50 feels very warm to the touch while charging? Thanks in advance.

warm to touch is normal. especially considering the housing is aluminum which is a very good heat conductor....

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Originally Posted by nihontoman View Post

warm to touch is normal. especially considering the housing is aluminum which is a very good heat conductor....

Thanks nihontoman for your feedback.

Probably I'm being a little paranoid as it never happens to my Rocco BA, Colorfly C3 and Clip Zip. Alls good now that it's a norm.
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I've been having a problem where my dx50 hangs after playing a song for like 20m. It requires a hard reset or pulling out the battery for it to turn off. After it starts up again, it'll have the same problem after playing a song. This is with 1.2.2, after I had down converted from the 1.2.3 beta after having the same problems with the beta firmware. Not sure what is causing the problem as it did not happen before I upgraded to 1.2.3. Makes the dx50 unusable right now since I have to do a factory reset and scan my card again each time it happens.
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I have the same problem with 1.2.2, so I'm using 1.2.3 beta.

The official 1.2.2 FW is up now in ibasso's site. You can give that link a try.
The one available (found in the FAQ and threads) might have been a beta for 1.2.2

Can't experiment yet since I'm busy with work
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The original 1.2.2 i got from @Sorensiim worked perfectly. I'm currently using the 1.2.2 from ibasso's website. I guess I'll give 1.2.3 beta a try again.

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I think I figured out the reason... Whenever I wear my coat and a cashmere sweater, I end up getting some static on myself so that seems to be the cause for the crashing. The dx50 is running fine when it is just on my desk.

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This has happened before. Slide the battery cover off and make sure the little spring loaded pin can make contact with the battery cover.


My battery cover has been machined to enable a decent contact, not sure if all are like that.

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I don't want to take the thread in a different direction but I figured everyone would like to know when the new firmware 1.2.3 (not beta) would be released. I sent iBasso an email inquiring about the release date of the new firmware 1.2.3 yesterday. Here is a copy of their reply:



iBasso Audio

Today at 3:12 AM
Thank you for your email.
We will release the new firmware tomorrow.
iBasso Audio
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Awesome news, thanks, that should be tomorrow 15th.

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I probably should have asked what the new firmware offers in terms of improvement/fixes’.

They were very prompt in sending me a reply within 14 hrs. I haven't had any issues with 1.2.2. It work's fine. For that matter so does my 4th batch DX50. No serious problems to speak of. The HM901  has given me nothing but problems from the day I purchased it.Returned it and am enjoying the DX50 very much. I also have the AK100 but use the DX50 more lately. The DX50 used with my D5 and B&O H6 keeps me quite happy. They work very well together with this player.

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Originally Posted by austonia View Post


best advice. this is a diamond in the rough. you give up some ease/usability for sound quality and strong/clean output without a separate amp. it's worth the tradeoff. see my sig, i have more than a few players, and this my favorite despite all the kinks

Perfect simple, direct (to the point) advice. My favorite too. One question..To me it seems like this forum has solutions and enjoys the DX50. Not so negative. On the other hand the DX50  Appreciation forum seems to do nothing but dissect the hell out of the DX50 instead of enjoying the music. Enjoying this group much more and learning more positive and constructive solutions to any problems that arise. compaired to my HM901 (since returned) this player is a gem for the money.

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Loaded 1.2.5 today (from 1.2.3b) and so far so good to my ears - no crashes and the install went very smoothly for me.  Gapless now working as expected for continuous tracks (ref The Wall) and have not encountered any instances where the beginnings of tracks are cutoff (first second or so).


Hope some of the other suggestions for improvements/enhancements can be worked in now that many of the bug fixes are behind us.  I still have not received any kind of response from iBasso on the items I sent.  Will probably send again in a few days time.




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