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I hope this annoying bug would be fix:


- When on shuffle mode, "Previous button" means "previous song" not another shuffle song.

- UI is so sensitive

- Scroll bar can be a little bit wider so it's easily to pick up

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Seems that I have a bit of a channel imbalance thing going on here that just showed up a few days after updating to 1.8.0 firmware. I have verified that it is not the specific music track or the headphones with different setups and sources etc. I will describe the scenario here...


When music is playing I change the volume (up or down by a few clicks) then suddenly the volume will shift significantly imbalanced to the left side. I can open up the L/R balance option and fiddle with it a bit and put it back at 0 and the imbalance is gone. If I do not adjust the volume at all it will play consistently, but once I go volume up or down, the sound will shift to the left again.


Anyone else have this problem? I may revert back to older firmware later when I have time to test if this is specifically hardware or firmware (more likely) related.


EDIT: A factory reset and rescan of the entire library fixed this problem.

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Hi guys... I tried to read to all this but I didn't found any "clear solution" about it. 

Internal storage is working but my SD isn't working well: files didn't appear, it's lagging.

I tried fat32, scanned the library few times but w/o success, 

Did I forgot to try something else?

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I broke the display on the player Ibasso DX50. Do you know the display model (LCD module)?:confused_face_2:
Thank you


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Hello all, I have the Dx50 with firmware 1.9.2. The latest problem I have had is that a whole swathe of tracks I copied from my PC have not appeared in the Artist or Album menus. After transfer I Rescanned library. I had previously read about the player being pernickity about tagging so took the step of using MP3tag to re-tag my entire digital collection in a more simplified way and up until now it was basically working. Then at the latest transfer (artists beginning with 'S' for the sake of it) of around 30 albums, only a handful actually appear in the menus. The other tracks are definitely on the player because I've found them in the directories or when playing in shuffle mode - they appear on the home screen with no information at all, and the only way to find out what's playing is to go Settings\Music Info. When I discovered this issue I re-tagged all the tracks again, deleted them from the player and transferred them again. When I rescanned the library the same problem - only 2 or 3 albums appeared, some of them different to before! Does anyone know a solution to this? 

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Check in "null"

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Originally Posted by MrLazyAnt View Post

Check in "null"

Yes, I know a lot of them seem to be in (null) but I cannot figure why since the tagging is no different from the files that aren't in (null).

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