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Hi guys, first time post on headfi. Been in the market of getting a pair of headphones i can use for music as well as gaming. I have the Sennheiser 558s and loving them, love the detail in the music. However I'm looking for something that is a bit more portable and can be used for gaming and includes a mic attachment as well. I've had Tritton headphones forever for gaming but i find for music they lack. Looking for something that is a bit on the bassy side too, with my 558s my genres vary between Trance, Country, Irish Folk, and rap. Ive decided that for more acoustical music i'll use the 558s but for Trance and the more electronic music id use these new bass headphones. Been looking at VMODA M-100 Crossfades, and the DT 770s. I like how convent the VMODA M100s are with their durability and how two people can listen off the same device, however the DT 770s seem to have a more bang for their buck and audio wise they seem superior.  I plan to be running this through a Fiio E17 Amp as well and my price range is around $300. Hopefully you guys can help me pick out a headset that meets my needs, cheers!