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I just bought a pair of vintage 4aaas and a Creek OBH-11 to drive them. Hopefully the Kosses will arrive in good shape and usable.  I like to hear mostly loud rock and unloud classical. But I was wondering about the  Creek and how good it will do with the Kosses. There are a lot of amps from China on ebay  I think they are mostly copies of other designs with names like E3, E5, JHL and others. There are also a few hybrids that look great. But I passed them all up for the Creek OBH 11 because I recognized the name from the years I spent reading the audioporn mags! I'm wondering though if I made the right choice. These Chinese amps have a much higher component count and are advertised as class A designs. No idea what operating class the Creek is. Also, if they are indeed copies of proven designs, they might be worth the 100 bucks or so that it will take to get one. So the questions are: Should I spend another 100 and get one of these and if so which one should I look for?

Any advice is greatly appreciated